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Infinity Ward Heads Fired

After apparently violating their contract with Activision, Infinity Ward studio heads Jason West and Vince Zampella were let go in March, even after the success of Modern Warfare 2. The firings would eventually lead to major court battles and a nearly complete overhaul of the Infinity Ward studio.

Layoffs All Around

2010 was a year full of layoffs and firings and studio closings. Many of the layoffs were due to poor game sales, such as that of Tony Hawk Shred developer Robomodo.

Bungie Signs with Activision

After having left Microsoft in 2007 after the release of Halo 3, Bungie became an independent company. However, in April of this year, Bungie signed a 10-year publishing agreement with Activision. The big twist? Bungie will own all intellectual property rights of games they develop, not Activision. Because of this deal, Halo: Reach was the last Halo game developed by Bungie, as Microsoft owns the Halo rights.


Infinity Ward Heads Fired

This is by far one of the biggest scandals to ever occur in the video game industry. The headlines read "Trouble Brewing at Infinity Ward." The two men in charge of the studio that launched the Call of Duty franchise and developed two blockbuster games in a row that shattered sales and online play records had been quietely let go one afternoon (and by quiet, we mean it took a few hours and not a few minutes for it to hit the web.) After West and Zampella "left" and the studio morale was reported to be very low, reports of other employers of Infinity Ward leaving the company started surfacing. In April and May 2010, a total of 46 employees (many of whom were the lead designers and programmers who worked on Modern Warfare 2) left the studio without comment. This headline wins the award because now we have to wonder....what will become of the Modern Warfare series of Call of Duty now that the company that made them is spiritually gone?



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