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Nintendo 3DS Revealed

Nearly the entire industry was shocked when it learned that Nintendo had engineered a way to incorporate 3D gameplay into a portable gaming device.....without the need for 3D glasses.

Xbox Live for original Xbox Ending

Fanboys everywhere wept when it was announced that online service for original Xbox games was ending. Hardcore Halo 2 fans even kept playing after the plug was pulled and managed to keep playing until they lost their internet connection or lost power or their Xbox exploded, some of which managed to keep playing even a couple of weeks after the service was cancelled.

Episodes from Liberty City for PC & PS3

It was hard enough for the long-time Playstation 3 fans to learn that the Playstation-only franchise of Grand Theft Auto would see a launch day release on Xbox 360 when GTA IV would be released. It was even harder for them to learn that the episodic DLC would be exclusive to the 360. Well, a little over a year after the first episode was released on 360, the compilation disc of the two episodes was finally released on Playstation 3 and even PC.

APB Short-Lived Life

The mmo of APB was praised before its release for looking like just an all around fun game. It was launched on June 6th, 2010....and shutdown in September....3 months later. Realtime Worlds, the developer, was closed due to a lack of poor management, putting APB's servers offline. However, rights to APB have been bought by K2 Network, and the game will be relaunched in 2011 as a free to play game under the new title of APB Reloaded.

3D Hits Consoles

This nomination is simply here because we can not fathom that 3D gaming is here our living rooms. The 3D-capable titles are scarce at the moment, but more are on the way. 


Nintendo 3DS Revealed

We are still kind of wondering how Nintendo is going to pull this off when the Nintendo 3DS is released worldwide in March 2011. Seriously? No 3D glasses needed? I mean, we know the science behind it and how they actually pull off the 3D "feel" it really 3D? Or is it fake 3D? Yeah, we said it. Fake 3D. Try and figure that one out.



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