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Medal of Honor Taliban Troubles

Even before its release, Medal of Honor received much agony over the multiplayer mode in the game. The trouble was that players were suppose to be able to play as the Taliban, which many people saw as tasteless. Many even tried to ban the sale of the game. Due to pressure from various military officials and organizatons, the word "Taliban" was removed from the game and replaced with "Opposing Force." However, the game did not and will not see store shelves inside military bases.

Modern Warfare 2 "Dirty Talk" Ads

As funny as they were, the ads received controversy for their sexual innuendos. You can watch the original full-length video right here. But a quick search shows you that there were a couple of different ads as well.

Six Days in Fellujah

As the game's story is centered around the Iraq War, it is without question as to why it is controversial. This game was not announced or released this year, but it's eligibility for nomination this year is that it was announced in this past March that the game is finished and still coming out, but the game is still seeking a publisher after Konami left the title shortly after it was announced in 2009 (likely due to the controversy it was causing.)

Rockstar San Diego Studio

An annonymous blogger named "Rockstar Spouse" stirred up trouble this past January by posting a letter of complaint about the working conditions at Rockstar San Diego's studio. Rockstar was nailed by the press as to the truth behind this claim, but all they ever had to say about it was that we can't take the opinions of annonymous posters on the web as fact and that they are saddened if any employees didn't enjoy their time at the studio. We've been led to believe that conditions have gotten better, but we never received official word.

Playstation 3 Other OS Removal

It only does everything, huh? Well not anymore. It doesn't allow you to run any other operating system other than its own anymore, and many people were so upset by the mandatory patch that removed the other OS feature that they filed lawsuits against Sony. The lawsuits all basically claimed that Sony false-advertised the ability to install other OSs on the PS3, such as Linux, and that removing that feature with a mandatory patch violated a player's rights as an owner of the console. Sony filed to dismiss all of the claims, argueing that they have the right to edit or change any features they offer at will.


Playstation 3 Other OS Removal

We just found it insanely hilarious that some people would go as far as to sue a major corporation like Sony just because they remove a small feature from their gaming console. I mean, one defendent even admitted to never having used the Other OS feature. Regardless, the removal of the Other OS feature caused enough controvery to send Sony to court several times, which is controversy enough to win this award.



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