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Best of the Best 2011 is here to present to you the 5th Annual Best of the Best Awards! Best of the Best 2011 is the second year that GameDwellers has hosted the awards, having previously been hosted by

As the year comes to a close and we near the holiday season, many companies start to take lengthy vacations. This includes video game developers, which in turn causes there to be a slow down of video game related news. With a lack of news, news media publications take this time to write editorials and put together video reviews of the entire year. A common practice among video game news publications is deciding which games were better than the rest throughout the year. 2011 marks the fifth time that the staff of has done our annual year in review awards.

Our "Best of the Best 2011 Awards," as we like to call them, break down the awards into several categories: Special Achievement, News Headlines, Genre, Platform, Game of the Year, and Miscellaneous.

While the awards are mostly the same as last year, we have added some new ones, as well as taken some away. This year, there is are no "Best DLC" or "Best Music Game" awards, seeing as though there we didn't feel any DLC was necessarily better than the rest...and considering that the music and rhythm game genre is basically dead. However, we have added several new awards this year, mostly in the Miscellaneous category.  Awards such as "Most Memorable Moment," "Best Trailer," and "Most Violent/Gory Game." In the Special Achievement category, we are introducing our "Best Developer" award for the first time, just as we are introducing our "Best Puzzle Game" award in our Genre category.

So enjoy browsing through our nominees and winners that our entire staff debated and voted on over the course of several weeks during the holiday 2011 season.

60 Games Nominated. 163 Nominations. 36 Awards to Win.

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Looking to see which awards a specific game is nominated for? Look through our alphetical list of nominated games.

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Want to see which awards are up for grabs? Take a look at our list of categories and which titles are nominated for them.

Award Winners Reveal Schedule

The award winners will be announced by category each day starting on Monday, December 26th with the Biggest Stories of 2011 awards until the Best of the Best/Game of the Year is announced on Friday, December 30th.



Miscellaneous Award Recipients

The winners (or losers, depending on how you look at it) for the awards that don't fall under any other categories or don't have multiple nominees, such as "Most Disappointing Game", will be announced on Saturday, December 31st, 2011.



2011 Review, 2012 Most Anticipated Games, & MORE

The review of the entire year, along with the preview of 2012's most anticipated games and this year's Best of the Best Awards wrap-up, will be posted here on Monday, January 2nd, 2012.

Full Schedule

Week of Thursday, December 22nd



Nominees and Categories Announced

Week of Monday, December 26th



Awards Begin

Biggest Stories

Tues, Dec 27

Special Achievement

Wed, Dec 28


Thurs, Dec 29


Fri, Dec 30

Best of the Best - GOTY

Sat, Dec 31


Week of Monday, January 2nd, 2011



2011 Review, Awards Wrap-up, 2012 Preview


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